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Analyst Warns a Market Fallout Post ETF Approval; Predicts What’s Next for Bitcoin Price

The cryptocurrency market is buzzing as Bitcoin recently soared close to $45,000, prompting concerns about potential overheating. However, analysts like Evan Aldo argue that when closely examining the data, there’s nothing overheated about the current rally. He stressed the importance of monitoring key market indicators and historical patterns to make informed investment decisions.

In a recent interview on The Paul Barron Network, Aldo opened up about  the substantial surge in Bitcoin’s value, approximately 83% since the rally began in September. While some might consider such rapid growth as a sign of overheating, Aldo pointed to historical trends in Bitcoin’s behavior during bullish years. He noted that Bitcoin has a tendency to sustain upward momentum for extended periods, sometimes up to two years.

Aldo identified crucial levels in the charts, such as the resistance around $48,000 and the low $50,000 range. He suggested that these levels might experience increased volatility, potentially allowing some altcoins to make significant moves.

Comparing the current rally to the 2015 market, Aldo highlighted a similar pattern, stressing the need to consider the potential for diminished returns and sideways movement in the coming months.

Looking ahead, Aldo speculated on retail investors’ reentry points into the market. He proposed that retail interest might surge after Bitcoin surpasses $50,000, possibly triggered by the introduction of a Bitcoin ETF. However, he cautioned about a potential market fallout post-ETF, especially if it aligns with a Federal Reserve pivot in early to mid-next year.

Addressing altcoins, Aldo suggested that the current market conditions present a favorable entry opportunity, especially for projects like Cardano. He recommended a gradual Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) approach into altcoins until the Bitcoin dominance chart shows increased stability.

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