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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Searches for Profitable Trades With Trend Prediction Engine (TPE)

New Tickeron’s TPE analyzes historical data with AI to increase the win rate for  buy/sell decisions

Investors have a new powerful tool to increase their profitability with AI using Tickeron’s Trend Prediction Engine (TPE). By analyzing historical trends, Tickeron’s TPE can forecast whether a stock’s price will increase, decrease, or remain at the same level, indicating whether an investor should buy, sell, or hold, respectively. Tickeron offers an opportunity to find bullish and bearish trends among 7,000 stocks, 10,000 OTC stocks, 3,000 ETFs, and 14,000 Mutual funds. 

In 2023, there’s no better way to make money with trend trading than by using TPE. By combining the power of AI with a simple-to-use interface, Tickeron has ensured anyone interested in successful trend trading has an effective new strategy that can offer long-term success.

Successful Trend Trading With Tickeron

Experienced investors know trend trading is often one of the most profitable strategies due to its simplicity. Rather than having to aim for a specific price, investors simply predict whether a given asset’s price will continue to go up or down, then buy or sell based on those predictions.

Before Tickeron released its TPE, investors would have to interpret an asset’s price trend themselves and make predictions that were highly prone to user error. Now, Tickeron’s AI analyzes the historical data, leaving investors with a clear buying decision. 

Tickeron’s TPE sets itself apart from the competition by providing back-tested data, which verifies trading strategies with odds of success. This is in addition to the main functionality of identifying stock trends in real time. With back-tested data, users can see just how confident the AI is in its predictions, offering statistics on the likelihood of a given trend. Check out the link to see backtested results in an interactive mode.

TPE Increases Accuracy & Reduces Risk

Trend traders need to know whether to enter a long position if they expect a stock’s price to rise, or a short position if they expect the opposite. TPE can provide this information in seconds, allowing users to make more better-informed investing decisions by leveraging the power of AI.

A rising or falling price doesn’t necessarily signal that a trend will continue. TPE looks at historical data to offer a confidence level for each asset. This confidence level, expressed as a percentage, can be used to help inform decisions and let the user decide how much risk is acceptable for a given trade. 

TPE has a filter to find all potential trade with a minimum confidence of 55%, for instance. This confidence level can be adjusted by the user in TPE’s settings. Typically a lower risk level indicates a lower potential return, meaning users who want to play it safe will also want a higher confidence level. Alternatively, users willing to take on more risk for a higher potential upside will accept a lower confidence level.

Tickeron has included confidence level adjustment functionality in its TPE, allowing users to set the minimum confidence levels based on their  acceptable risk. By doing so, Tickeron has created a tool that’s truly customizable and ready for use right from the start.

Trade Trends Your Way

The customization functions extend beyond confidence level settings. Users can also adjust settings by asset class, whether they want to invest in stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, ETFs, penny stocks, or mutual funds. TPE users can also adjust settings by price level, market cap, etc. to fit their budgets.

These filters can help narrow down an investment decision. ALternatively, users can set the tool without filters to get the largest possible amount of suggestions, then make their decisions based on which assets appeal to them the most. No matter the type of investor, TPE can provide information beyond what was previously on offer anywhere else.

“Our proprietary ‘Odds of Success’ formula really sets this tool apart,” says Sergey Savastiouk, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of Tickeron. “Users can see exactly how likely an asset is to continue or reverse its price trend. That gives investors the power they need to truly succeed with this type of trading. We’ve heard such great user feedback from our TPE users and we’re excited to see them profit from this effective strategy.”

Stronger Investing Decisions With TPE

Interested investors can access a 14-day free trial of TPE by visiting Tickeron’s product page. From there, users can set up push notifications via email or on the TPE website to receive alerts that fit their custom specifications. Users also have access to direct customer support, 1-on-1 coaching, webinars and other educational material directly through Tickeron’s website.

“The keyword here is simplicity. When we looked at the state of trend prediction before TPE, we saw a complicated and laborious process of analyzing historical data. AI is an ideal partner for this kind of trading—analyzing previous price trends can indicate where the price is heading next,” explains Savastiouk. “We go a step further than any other competitor by offering confidence level percentages so investors can truly take control of their risk tolerance and decide the kinds of strategies they want to pursue.”

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