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Avalaunch Ends Partnership as Stars Arena Faces CEO Resignation and Trust Issues

In a surprising turn of events, Avalaunch, the launchpad platform for Avalanche, has decided to sever ties with Stars Arena. This move comes as Stars Arena faced turmoil, including the resignation of its CEO, Chill Pill, and concerns about the project’s future.

Partnership Dissolved After Recent Developments

Avalaunch initially reached out to Stars Arena, hoping to explore opportunities for collaboration due to the active data the project brought to the Avalanche ecosystem. However, recent developments have led to an uncomfortable situation and Avalaunch’s decision to terminate the partnership. Stars Arena had mentioned this collaboration on social media, prompting Avalaunch to clarify its stance in the interest of community transparency.

CEO Resignation and Community Concerns

The crisis began with the resignation of Stars Arena‘s CEO, Chill Pill, who announced his departure on social media. The newly appointed CEO, @scooterxbt, was introduced; however, @scooterxbt’s updates revealed that they were still unemployed five days ago.

With the CEO’s resignation occurring less than a month after Stars Arena‘s launch, concerns about the safety of funds arose among community members. Some even suspected that the project might be planning an exit.

Troubled History and Loss of Trust

Stars Arena had faced earlier challenges when it suffered a theft of nearly $3 million in funds, raising doubts about the project’s intentions. Although the team managed to recover approximately 90% of the stolen funds, these incidents eroded the community’s trust.

Despite Stars Arena’s commitment to “rebuild community trust” following the CEO’s resignation, the project faces an uphill battle to restore faith in its future. The dissolution of the partnership with Avalaunch adds to the uncertainty surrounding the project’s trajectory.

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