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Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Minetrix Rise as Crypto Prices Surge

The crypto market has seen a surge of optimism in the past 24 hours, with Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) seeing significant price rises.

This renewed enthusiasm comes after a week of sideways trading and could signal a change in sentiment for crypto investors.

With promising presales like Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) also drawing enormous attention, positivity is ramping up in the final weeks of 2023.

Bitcoin Breaks $38k as Bullish Momentum Builds

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price has just broken the resistance level at $38,440 – posting a new intra-year high.

BTC is currently trading for $38,710, up over 3% in the past day.

This latest price surge comes after a period of rangebound trading between $36,700 and $38,000.

Now, Bitcoin seems to have cleanly broken out of that trading range to the upside.

Experts have pointed to a few potential catalysts for this renewed momentum.

Firstly, the recent bullish price prediction from Standard Chartered Bank has boosted investor confidence.

Standard Chartered analysts believe BTC will be valued at $100,000 by the end of next year, citing earlier-than-expected spot Bitcoin ETF approvals as the main reason for their optimism.

Additionally, business intelligence company MicroStrategy purchased over 16,000 BTC in November, meaning it now holds more than $6 billion in total.

The firm’s consistent accumulation highlights long-term confidence in Bitcoin from major institutional players.

Ethereum Eyes $2,100 as Traders Anticipate Spot ETF Approval

Ethereum’s price is also rising, hovering around the $2,100 level after a 3% push in the past 24 hours.

ETH is now just below the intra-year high of $2,137, posted on November 10.

Much like Bitcoin, Ethereum seems to be breaking out of its tight trading range between $1,930 and $2,080, which has been in play for over two weeks.

Now, Ethereum is attempting to establish the critical $2,000 level as new support.

One potential reason for Ethereum’s uptick is that the SEC is requesting public input on Fidelity’s proposed spot ETH ETF.

This shows the SEC is seriously considering finally approving a direct crypto ETF in the US after years of rejecting applications.

Approval of a spot ETH ETF would allow mainstream investors easy access to Ethereum exposure through traditional brokerage accounts.

Increased demand from retail and institutional investors accessing ETH via one of these ETFs could have an impact on the token’s price – which is why anticipation is building around this potentially seismic event.

Bitcoin Minetrix Presale Riding High as Project Achieves Top ICO Ranking

As Bitcoin and Ethereum surge, interest and hype continue to build around exciting new projects like Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX).

This innovative presale token has been rising in popularity thanks to its unique stake-to-mine model that lets users earn BTC just by holding and staking BTCMTX tokens.

Unlike traditional cloud mining platforms, Bitcoin Minetrix has an extremely low barrier to entry.

No fixed contracts, hidden fees, or complex setups are required – with users simply needing to stake their BTCMTX tokens to earn mining credits.

These credits can be redeemed to mine Bitcoin virtually, bringing a potential income stream to regular crypto investors in a revolutionary way.

On top of this, Bitcoin Minetrix users can lock up their BTCMTX in the staking pool to earn yields of 130% per year, with over 319 million tokens pledged already.

Bitcoin Minetrix is currently in its presale phase, which has already raised over $4.5 million, showing strong investor interest.

BTCMTX tokens are priced at just $0.0119 during the current presale stage, giving investors a prime opportunity to get involved before the upcoming exchange listings.

Given that Bitcoin Minetrix is ranked on CoinSniper as one of the top five upcoming ICOs to watch, there’s a belief that the project is poised to make a significant impact in the crypto-mining space.

As such, Bitcoin Minetrix is positioned as one of the most exciting crypto projects looking to end the year strong.

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