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Bitget Lists Celestia’s TIA Token, Paving the Way for Innovative Collaboration

Bitget, a prominent cryptocurrency derivative and copy trading platform, proudly announces its pioneering role as one of the initial centralized exchanges to list TIA, the native cryptocurrency of Celestia‘s revolutionary blockchain ecosystem. This strategic collaboration opens doors for users to harness the potential of modular blockchains and the advantages of data availability and roll-up technology, marking a significant development for both Bitget and Celestia.

TIA Token Availability

Bitget is set to make the TIA token, the lifeblood of Celestia‘s ecosystem, available for trading on its secure and user-friendly platform, commencing in late October or early November. This listing serves as a milestone, uniting two innovative communities within the blockchain industry, fostering collaboration, and promoting mass adoption.

Celestia‘s pioneering blockchain ecosystem has garnered substantial support from influential investors, including Binance Labs, Interchain Foundation, Bain Capital Crypto, Polychain Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Jump Crypto, Placeholder, and others. These investments underscore Celestia’s innovative approach and the substantial potential embedded in its modular blockchain design.

Bitget’s Enthusiastic Commitment

Gracy Chen, Managing Director at Bitget, expressed her enthusiasm about the listing, emphasizing the alignment of Celestia‘s modular approach, data availability, and roll-up technology with Bitget’s vision of empowering users with cutting-edge technologies. This listing reinforces Bitget’s dedication to offering innovative projects within the crypto space.

Celestia‘s modular blockchain design represents a transformative shift, enabling specialized blockchains to optimize performance and scalability for specific functions. With data availability at its core, Celestia ensures the security and transparency of transactions, while the integration of rollups enhances efficiency and robust security measures.

Bitget‘s listing of TIA tokens underscores its commitment to providing users with access to projects that are poised to shape the future of blockchain technology. By expanding its portfolio to include Celestia‘s ecosystem, Bitget solidifies its position as a leading exchange at the forefront of innovation.

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