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Bitrue Unveils Thrilling News for The XRP Community, $ROE and $FLOKI Enter A Bull Run

Crypto derivative Bitrue recently disclosed a series of developments on the XRPL to XRP ($XRP) proponents. Meanwhile, top crypto coins, including BorroeFinance ($ROE) and FLOKI Inu ($FLOKI), sprung into a rally amid ecosystem updates.

Given the sceneries, which is the best cryptocurrency to invest in today? Let’s find out!

Bitrue To Add Support For Xahau Network

On October 27, Singaporean digital asset firm Bitrue shared a development that ultimately sparked excitement within the XRP ($XRP) community. Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the crypto exchange revealed plans to support the inbound Xahau Network. For reference, Xahau is a novel sidechain smart contract built to operate within the XRPL protocol.

The digital currency platform also notified the XRP ($XRP) community about its intended support for Xahau’s native token, $XAH. Along with listing $XAH, Bitrue will organize a mint event for the new token. This proposed move marks one of many roles Bitrue has consistently played in showcasing its unrelenting support for the XRP-Ledger (XRPL).

While the news had no immediate impact on the price of $XRP, the top altcoin has recorded significant gains over the past two weeks. Between October 16 and October 27, $XRP rose from $0.48 to $0.54. This upswing translates to an 11.50% increase in $XRP.

Based on this price action and the ongoing developments in the XRPL ecosystem, crypto pundits offered an $XRP forecast, putting the price at $0.55 in the subsequent trading sessions.

BorroeFinance Rises 50% As Investors Increase Their Holding

Since its appearance on the crypto scene, BorroeFinance ($ROE) has been a trending topic among community members. Many recognize BorroeFinance for its incredible real-time use cases in the finance and Web3 realms and the remarkable price trajectory of $ROE. The platform showcases a solid commitment to revolutionizing the Web3 domain and rewarding content creators within the space.

BorroeFinance is an AI-supported marketplace for Web3 content creators to trade their future earnings for cash. The future earnings can be invoices, royalties, and subscriptions owned by content creators. 

These items are tradable at a discount on the BorroeFinance platform after their conversion to non-fungible tokens.

As with other markets, $ROE serves as the native currency of BorroeFinance. It is a deflationary token subsisting on the Polygon blockchain. Given its nature as a utility token, the value of $ROE is bound to increase as its adoption grows.

BorroeFinance is hosting a presale for $ROE before its official launch on exchanges. Recent market data shows that $ROE bounced 50% from its beta stage price of $0.010 to the second stage price of $0.015. 

However, investors are calling BorroeFinance the best crypto to invest in today as $ROE prepares for another 167% rally to $0.040 at the end of the presale.

Floki Inu Soars After Developers Launched RWA Platform

On October 26, Floki Inu developers made a move that kicked $FLOKI into an upside momentum. Notably, they launched a new token, $TOKEN, alongside a Real World Asset (RWA) platform within the Floki Inu ($FLOKI) ecosystem. This development immediately saw Floki Inu ($FLOKI) print green candles on the charts.

According to the team, Floki Inu users and developers may begin to launch new crypto assets via the new token’s official website, TokenFi, even without prior token development knowledge. TokenFi started operating on October 27 at 3 PM UTC. 

The development group noted that TokenFi is poised to play a significant role in the potential multi-trillion-dollar RWA industry in the long run. Following the report on October 26, Floki Inu ($FLOKI) soared 26.94% from $0.0000303 to $0.0000385. 

Similarly, $FLOKI recorded significant gains during the week due to building anticipation towards the event. Notably, $FLOKI gained 106.70% on its initial value of $0.0000179 on October 19, having risen to $0.0000370 on October 28.

Crypto pundits believe the development will push the Floki Inu token value higher. According to them, $FLOKI will attain $0.0000400 in the coming week.

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