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Chainwire Collaborates with Tokensoft for Boosting Crypto PR Coverage

Chainwire, a blockchain PR distribution service, has teamed up with Tokensoft, a digital asset and compliance platform. Through the arrangement, the Tokensoft ecosystem will have access to Chainwire’s world-class PR platform, enabling it to engage with cryptocurrency communities worldwide.

Leading cryptocurrency ecosystems including Avalanche, The Graph, Connext Network, and Arbitrum rely on Tokensoft as an elite partner. Tokensoft specializes in token distributions, claims, fundraising, and compliance. Its operations need interaction with blockchain users across all significant international borders as well as the capacity to target consumers inside certain blockchain communities.

Tokensoft is able to convey its message and ensure that client campaigns reach their maximum potential by collaborating with Chainwire. Clients may post press releases and track the outcomes from a dedicated dashboard using Chainwire’s PR distribution network, which ensures visibility on leading cryptocurrency publications. Inbuilt analytics provide specific campaign performance information for distinct regions and media.

Chainwire is the go-to source for hundreds of cryptocurrency businesses for PR and news delivery, including exchanges and protocol developers. By collaborating with Chainwire, Tokensoft will guarantee that next fundraising activities and token distributions get the attention they are entitled to. This would facilitate the execution of intricate worldwide campaigns like user verification initiatives and token claims.

Nadav Dakner, CEO of Chainwire said: 

“Tokensoft’s reputation precedes it, having worked with the leading blockchain foundations and protocols to successfully deliver token issuance and fundraising campaigns. We’re delighted that they’ve chosen Chainwire to be their PR partner. Together, we look forward to helping the Tokensoft ecosystem get more awareness and reach more audiences and relevant communities.

Noah Walker, Chief Business Officer of Tokensoft said:

“Tokensoft is committed to providing the best technology and support to our ecosystem. We’ve chosen Chainwire because of its significant and broad access to publications around the world – with a full guarantee of publication. We’re excited to see the impact for our clients.”

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