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ChatGPT’s Best Picks For The Santa Rally, Ripple (XRP), Everlodge (ELDG), Shiba Inu (SHIB)

ChatGPT is a great tool for analyzing the crypto market. While it can’t make any official predictions, the AI software can break down DeFi projects and their potential to increase in value. Here’s how ChatGPT predicts Ripple, Everlodge, and Shiba Inu are expected to perform during this year’s Santa rally. 

Ripple Growth Remains Uncertain

According to ChatGPT, Ripple’s growth is somewhat difficult to predict. After winning a legal case against the SEC earlier this year, Ripple’s value quickly soared. However, the project’s growth has since been highly volatile, with several rallies and crashes in Q4. 

ChatGPT outlines that three major factors will influence Ripple’s value. Firstly, whether or not Ripple Labs outlines any developments. Such an announcement will likely boost investor confidence, thus triggering a rise in Ripple’s (XRP) price. 

Secondly, growing institution adoption. Should more institutional investors buy and hold Ripple, the demand for XRP will rise, thus boosting its value. 

Lastly, an increase in retail interest. As more retail investors buy Ripple, the support for the project will increase. ChatGPT suggests that all three of these factors could have a positive impact on Ripple throughout December, though highlights that the project still remains volatile. 

Shiba Inu Could Enter A Consolidation Period 

Much like Ripple, ChatGPT highlights that predicting Shiba Inu’s December performance is challenging. However, ChatGPT holds a more positive perspective. 

According to current trends, Shiba Inu will likely experience a period of consolidation in December. This comes after several months of price fluctuations and will likely trigger an increase in Shiba Inu’s value. 

ChatGPT also highlights that the growth of Shibarium could drive up Shiba Inu’s value. The Layer-2 scalability platform recently hit a milestone of 50 million transactions, suggesting that Shiba Inu is gaining traction. 

However, ChatGPT also outlines potential negative trends such as regulatory concerns and increased competition, both of which could limit Shiba Inu’s growth throughout December. 

ChatGPT Has High Hopes For Everlodge 

Although it’s a new DeFi project, Everlodge is already proving to be extremely popular amongst investors. The innovative platform lets investors fractionally invest in vacation properties worldwide, removing many of the traditional market barriers. 

According to ChatGPT, Everlodge has huge potential, though its growth will depend on four factors. Firstly, the rate at which investors adopt the Everlodge platform. Should more investors begin using Everlodge to purchase fractional real estate, the demand for ELDG tokens will grow exponentially. 

Secondly, whether or not Everlodge can form new partnerships. According to the Everlodge development team, Everlodge plans to partner with well-known hotel chains and luxury property developers. Such partnerships will be a significant boost for the Everlodge ecosystem and will drive up ELDG’s value. 

Thirdly, positive news coverage could impact Everlodge’s growth. Should the project successfully penetrate the travel property market and gain favourable coverage, the overall demand for tokens will increase, thus triggering a rise in ELDG’s value. 

Lastly, the overall growth of the crypto market. If the market enters another bull run, Everlodge adoption could soar. This would drive up ELDG’s price and attract thousands of new investors to the project’s ecosystem. 

With tokens currently trading at $0.027, ChatGPT argues that Everlodge has the potential to offer significant returns once its presale is finished. However, such returns will rely on how well the development team implements its strategy. 

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