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Ethereum burns $2.5B worth of ETH since merge, Will this Influence the price of it?

Ethereum has burned $2.5 billion worth of ETH since its merge in September 2022, leading to a decrease in supply to an 18-month low. This shift signals a deflationary trend, impacting ETH’s scarcity and potential value over time.

Ethereum’s Supply Decline

Ultrasound Money’s analysis of Ethereum’s recent financial data showcases a notable decline in Ethereum’s supply, indicating a departure from its previous inflationary tendencies. The reduction of 309,663 ETH, valued at approximately $686.2 million, signifies a shift in economic strategy. 

Unlike the consistent creation of new ETH, Ethereum’s supply has been deflationary, setting the stage for a potential enhancement of ETH’s scarcity and value over time.

At the heart of this transformation lies the burning of 1,195,238 ETH, worth around $2.65 billion. This strategic move involves the permanent removal of tokens from circulation, a process that plays a pivotal role in reducing the total supply. What’s intriguing is that, despite the issuance of 885,581 ETH (approximately $1.96 billion), Ethereum’s total supply has experienced a net decrease.

Although, Ethereum’s total supply has hit its lowest point since the merger, standing at 120,211,380 ETH. This translates to a market capitalization of approximately $266.39 billion, solidifying Ethereum’s significant position within the crypto market.

Top Contributors In ETH Burning

An analysis of the ETH burning leaderboard sheds light on the leading contracts contributing to this impactful burning of ETH. Major decentralized applications (dApps) and services, including Uniswap, Tether, and OpenSea, emerge as significant contributors to this deflationary strategy. 

Uniswap, particularly, showcases a high transaction volume within the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector, with $543.8 million burned across four contracts in the top 10. 

The collective value of ETH burned by the top 10 contracts amounts to $1,039,762,113.68, underscoring the substantial impact of these strategic burns.

BlackRock ETF Approval Influences ETH Price

As Ethereum experiences a transformative burn, another potential catalyst looms on the horizon. BlackRock, a financial giant managing $8.5 trillion in assets, is seeking approval to offer a spot Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF). 

This move could offer institutional investors a groundbreaking way to enter the crypto market, particularly Ethereum, which powers various applications beyond Bitcoin.

BlackRock’s interest in crypto has already triggered price surges, even before the approval of any crypto-related products. With Ethereum’s current price hovering around $2,190, the approval of the proposed ETF could introduce new dynamics.

Looking ahead, BlackRock envisions a bullish trajectory for Ethereum, predicting a minimum price of $3,100 in 2024 and a maximum price of $8,000 by 2026. The anticipation surrounding BlackRock’s entry into the crypto space adds an extra layer of intrigue to Ethereum’s evolving narrative. 

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