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Gamers Can Use Ripple in Roblox; Cronos, InQubeta (QUBE) Rise

Ripple’s recent partnership with gaming platform Roblox has helped ramp up its user base while enhancing its prospects. With the partnership, Roblox users will now be able to use Ripple as a payment method for their in-game purchases. However, this isn’t the only reason why the cryptocurrency market has been trading in the green. The phenomenal rise of innovative cryptocurrencies like InQubeta (QUBE) and Cronos has also contributed to the recent growth spurt of the crypto market.

Cronos (CRO) is a popular decentralized platform backed by the popular exchange and it enables developers to deploy smart contracts and dApps. InQubeta is a newly launched cryptocurrency whose unique use case and features have helped it make rapid strides. The platform helps startups leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) find authentic investors to finance their projects. 

Many analysts feel that it is among the best altcoins to buy now because of its presale growth. The crypto project has completed three presale stages so far and has collected more than $3.8  million in presale funding. 

InQubeta: Helping startups innovate for an AI-led future

The USP of InQubeta is that it enables AI startups to focus on innovation without having to worry about funding. Its transparent model paves the way for seamless interactions between startups and their investors so that both sides can explore mutually beneficial opportunities for growth. 

While startups get ample funding for their projects, investors get to invest in future-forward projects that are driving impact with AI. InQubeta has developed a native cryptocurrency, called the QUBE token, and all transactions on the network are made with it.

Built using the ERC-20 standard, the QUBE token’s total available supply is 1.5 billion. However, the entire stock isn’t released for presale. Instead, the stock is spread across different uses to support the platform’s growth. 

At 65%, the highest share of tokens has been set aside for public sale. The remaining tokens are used for paying the legal team, advisors, and development team, funding marketing activities, and maintaining the liquidity pool.

By buying the QUBE token, one can also validate transactions processed on the network by staking their assets. In exchange, the InQubeta team gives them crypto rewards from a special rewards pool.

Called one of the best crypto investments of 2023, InQubeta’s rise has a lot to do with its user-friendly interface. Startups wanting to raise funds on InQubeta have to create a reward-based NFT for investors. These NFTs are posted on the platform’s NFT marketplace. If an investor is interested in a startup’s ideas, they can buy the NFT with QUBE tokens.

Roblox supports Ripple’s XRP token as a payment method

Ripple bridges the gap between blockchain and businesses. With its enterprise-grade solutions, Ripple equips enterprises with DeFi tools to offer high-speed online transactions, find new revenue sources, and lower their capital requirements. 

It is powered by the XRP ledger (XRPL) technology which sports a tokenization feature and a decentralized exchange. With these features, Ripple can also help central banks roll out digital currencies. 

The platform’s native cryptocurrency is XRP and has been added by Roblox as a payment method. The rising adoption of XRP has analysts excited as it could become a mainstream currency of payment throughout the world. 

Sygma goes live on Cronos mainnet

Cronos is among the top crypto coins that you will find in today’s market because of its exclusive model that combines the power of Ethereum and Cosmos blockchains. For secure transactions, the platform leverages the proof-of-authority consensus protocol which allows for Ethereum and Cosmos dApps to be seamlessly ported across its network. The CRO token is the official medium of exchange of the Cronos ecosystem. 

The platform recently announced that its interoperability layer Sygma was now live on the Cronos mainnet. Sygma is a multipurpose protocol that allows developers to create dApps with cross-chain capabilities. CRO might be heading for a bullish phase as whales have been accumulating huge volumes recently. 


There are many parameters that are considered by buyers when choosing a good crypto to buy. However, one of the most important ones is growth potential. A cryptocurrency with good growth potential can yield returns not only now but in the long term as well. Investors can secure their present as well as future with QUBE. InQubeta is a cryptocurrency with a high growth potential, all thanks to its utility-centric model where its token holders get to invest in startups and build a stable income stream. Other features of the cryptocurrency, like its deflationary model, help in keeping token holders’ returns intact.

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