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Must-Watch Tokens This Month: Solana, GalaxyFox, Chainlink

The race is on. Investors who have survived the bear market need to discard their bearish bias immediately. Crypto prices are soaring, and this rally will be particularly unkind to investors sidelined holding stablecoin. The top cryptos to buy right now are Solana ($SOL), Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), and Chainlink ($LINK).

All three have outperformed the market recently, and crypto investors should always bet on the king. Solana leads the low-latency race, Galaxy Fox dominates the play-to-earn gaming space, and Chainlink is the undisputed champ of the abstraction layer. All three are must-watch tokens this month, and all will put in new ATHs this cycle.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) P2E King

Galaxy Fox has opened its presale, and the market rarely offers such easy trading setups. A micro-cap launching in risk-on market conditions in the GameFi space screams 100X potential.

Built around its native Web3 runner game Galaxy Fox is a P2E gaming token. However, it differentiates itself from its competitors with its diverse ecosystem. It includes an NFT collection leveraging the ecosystem’s viral characters, a staking platform, an NFT marketplace, and real-world merchandise.

But the genius lies in the protocol’s tokenomics model. Initial presale participants will lock in 450% gains before launch, thanks to the presale pricing mechanism. And 70% of tokens will be sold to the public throughout the presale, meaning no inflationary pressure post-launch.

The implementation of a burn, as well as staking rewards being funded via taxation, makes $GFOX a highly deflationary asset. Can this downward supply dynamic turn $GFOX into one of the top 10 crypto coins? Early participants will find out, and price predictions from analysts forecast a surge of 3,100% before the end of 2023. 


Solana ($SOL) Makes New 2023 High

Solana has the mind-share of Crypto Twitter and is certainly one of the top cryptos to buy right now. The $SOL token keeps making new yearly highs, and investors watch in awe. This price action occurs while the FTX estate dumps thousands of tokens onto the open market. Once this bearish flow disappears, could $SOL start pumping even harder?

Major altcoins like $SOL present ideal crypto for beginners because they can set and forget. Buy today and wait twelve months before selling- an ostensibly easy trade. Solana’s incredibly low latency, scalability, and low-cost basis have made it a favorite amongst crypto traders, and analysts favor a continuation of the trend.

Chainlink ($LINK) Joining Web2 and Web3

Chainlink has been another over-performer alongside $GFOX and $SOL this year. The oracle solutions for price feeds provided by Chainlink have become the backbone of DeFi, and this blockchain abstraction layer has been plugging external data into smart contracts since its launch in 2017.

Earlier this year Chainlink announced its CCIP (Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol). A high-level communication protocol allowing distinct blockchains to meaningfully interact with minimized trust assumptions. But the ace in the hole for Chainlink is the potential to join traditional banking infra with blockchains through CCIP. Chainlink has the TradFi connections, but will the tech stack hold up?

Closing Thoughts: Allocate Now or Get Left Behind

The crypto market has a habit of moving faster than investors expect- in both directions. Latecomers will fuel the incoming rally, and after such a long bear market, investors are unlikely to get significant pullbacks and nice entries. It will be a long and continuous upward grind.

Investors need to allocate now, or they will get left behind. $SOL and $LINK are excellent choices and top cryptos to buy right now. But the evident choice for investors who want to maximize their returns this cycle is $GFOX: a micro-cap gem launching in up-only conditions. Participating in the presale is a fastrack ticket to 100X gains.

Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here:

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