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Nexo Launches Innovative Gateway for Streamlined Futures Trading

Nexo has introduced simplified Futures trading on the Nexo Exchange, tailored specifically for crypto enthusiasts who are new to derivatives. The goal of the new product is to make the world of Futures accessible and informative for people who have until now only interacted with the spot market.

In order to ensure a seamless onboarding process, Nexo offers an intuitive UI and educational resources with the latest release. The aim is to increase financial inclusion and knowledge in the crypto field, and this effort fits with that goal.

With up to 50x leverage, Nexo offers a user-friendly version of this advanced function. With a distinct Futures Wallet from the Savings and Credit Line Wallets, all contracts are perpetual and settled in USDT. By means of this distinctive setup, Nexo effortlessly incorporates the intricate realm of futures into its current array of financial services, simplifying the trading process for users while allowing earning and borrowing.

This is How Futures Appear on the Nexo Exchange:

  • Go Long or Short: Perpetual contracts provide opportunities regardless of one’s prediction about an upsurge or decline in an asset’s price. It’s easy to profit from the rising and declining patterns of more than 70 assets by using merely USDT.
  • Up to 50x Leverage: With USDT as collateral, futures expand your trading possibilities and magnify possible profits on even the slightest price fluctuations.
  • Low costs: Without the complexity, costs are similar to the basic fees of advanced exchanges.
  • Hot Assets: Exposure to an array of assets, ranging from the most popular to the blue-chip.
  • Educational programs: Interactive tales and quizzes have been included as part of its educational resources to make sure users are ready. To be able to trade futures, users must pass a quiz. Users may fill their Futures Wallet with USDT to start trading when it has been cleared.

Why engage in futures trading? Derivatives, including futures contracts, forwards, options, and swaps, have become a globally significant asset class among the many financial products available on the market.

They Support Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts:

Optimize Capital Efficiency: By using futures, one may open contracts with less money needed up front. This enables traders to efficiently manage their risk exposure while expanding their investing potential.

Achieve Versatile Hedging Strategies: The innovative Nexo Exchange interface allows for a smooth transition between futures and spot trading thanks to the Nexo app. Traders may effectively hedge against spot price movements in either direction thanks to this integration.

As the exchange works to improve its platform and enable several prospective cryptocurrency users in the future, Nexo’s streamlined Futures are only a first step towards a more feature-rich experience inside the app.

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