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Polkadot Surges As Staking Dashboard Adds Powerful Features

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  • Polkadot Staking Dashboard released a major 1.1 update.
  • 14-day performance stats for validators introduced, helping users identify active validators.
  • Polkadot’s DOT price increased by 2.2% following the update.

The Polkadot Staking Dashboard recently released a major 1.1 update packed with new features aimed at enhancing the staking experience, according to Ross Bulat, an engineer at Parity Technologies.

Key additions include MetaMask support, more robust nomination management tools, configurable RPC endpoints, and validator performance metrics.

The release introduces 14-day performance stats for validators, allowing users to easily identify consistently active validators. Nominators can now see a validator’s relative ranking across the entire validator set over 14 days.

A new full-screen nomination management interface also enables generating filtered validator lists and adding or removing nominees on the fly. The updated “Optimal Selection” and “Active Low Commission” algorithms factor in 14-day validator metrics when suggesting nominations.

Polkadot Price Surges

According to recent data, DOT has surged by 2.2% following the announcement. Furthermore, validator inactivity is now clearly displayed via grayed-out lines on their performance graphs. Pool operators also get era-by-era performance graphs of their backed validators.

MetaMask integration through the Polkadot Snap provides another way to connect to the dashboard. Users can switch RPC providers based on preference rather than solely using Parity’s node.

Additional improvements include support for nomination pools and fast unstake via the staking proxy, better visibility of available free balances, and various UI enhancements.

According to Polkadot developer Ross Bulat, this staking update paves the way for exciting features down the road as Parity continues to advance the Polkadot ecosystem and user experience. The added transparency and configurability around nominations should empower DOT holders to maximize staking rewards.

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