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Proof of Security Summit ’23 in India: Web3 Security Revolution with SolidityScan

SolidityScan, the trailblazing Web3 security platform by CredShields, introduces a dynamic hybrid hackathon — Proof of Security Summit’23 — in December in ‘India’s Silicon Valley’ Bangalore. Happening alongside ETHIndia 2023, this event is set to immerse the attendees in the revolutionary landscape of Web3 Security.

In partnership with Airchains, a Web3 middleware platform specializing in a modular ZK Rollup SDK, SolidityScan blends the advantages of a conference, hackathon, and technical workshops in a single event. Anticipating over 500 participants, including developers, cybersecurity experts, investors, and Web3 enthusiasts, the event promises tech-friendly discussions and cutting-edge collaborations.

The Unveiling of Proof of Security Summit’23

The exclusive hackathon presents an enthralling two-week challenge for participants to forge pioneering solutions for the ever-evolving Web3 security landscape. This all-inclusive event extends its arms to participants of all levels of expertise, from newcomers exploring their potential to seasoned players in development and security research.

Notably, the hackathon comprises two distinctive tracks:

  • Implementation of Security Layer: Participants will get a SolidityScan API, allowing them to build anything by adding SolidityScan as a security layer. 
  • Race to Fortify Security: Contestants are encouraged to conceive innovative solutions for the challenges posed by Web3 security.

The core mission of Proof of Security as a community-centric platform is to build and expand a unified learning forum for developers, security researchers, and Web3 enthusiasts to share insights, and synergize in confronting the challenges within the Web3 Security realm.

Connect with experts, gain insights, and dive into hands-on workshops, hackathons, and Web3 security-centric collaborations. For further updates on the events, visit the official SolidityScan website or follow their social media platforms.

About SolidityScan

SolidityScan is an advanced Web3 security platform powered by CredShields. This smart contract scanning tool is designed to uncover vulnerabilities, proactively manage risks residing in the project’s code, and generate in-depth audit reports. By providing a comprehensive suite of security solutions, SolidityScan ensures the security of Web3 projects.

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