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Satoshi Nakamoto Appears On Streets To Commemorate Bitcoin Whitepaper Day

Cryptocurrency derivatives and copy trading platform, Bitget, will mark Bitcoin’s 15 birthday by celebrating the release of the Bitcoin Whitepaper on October 31 2023.

An interesting street perfomance is taking place these days to celebrate Bitcoin’s Birthday. People in many countries of Europe and Asia can witness a statue performer carrying a Bitcoin Briefcase, representing the Bitcoin creator Satosho Nakamoto. The event held by crypto exchange Bitget has already attracted media atention. 

The crypto derivatives exchange aims to honour Bitcoin’s global sensation as the patron of all cryptocurrencies by fostering more attention and encouraging widespread adoption. Bitget’s Bitcoin Whitepaper Day celebrations began at the end of October with a captivating street performance in Taiwan and Austria.

The street performances successfully captured the attention of onlookers in regions where the event had already begun, creating a significant media buzz and boosting the event’s social media presence.

According to Bitget’s release, the performers are selected from each participating region to symbolize the event. Additionally, participants can expect to join the distribution of prizes, Bitcoin analysis reports and giveaways during the event’s online segment.

Leading up to Bitcoin Whitepaper Day, the team also organized a series of captivating online teasers to attract more internet users. These teasers included engaging social media videos and live performances, all aimed at encouraging viewers to not only share news of the event but also actively participate.

Furthermore, Bitget went above and beyond to offer participants exciting opportunities to partake in exclusive promotional events and extraordinary giveaways, ensuring that Bitcoin receives the heartfelt birthday wishes it truly deserves from a diverse and extensive community.

The celebration of Bitcoin Whitepaper Day offers participants a plethora of giveaways, gift packages, and prizes, including a BTC airdrop. Live performers would also hit the streets to distribute Bitcoin-themed mementos, adding an extra layer of excitement and memorability to the day’s festivities.

While commenting about the event, Gracy Chen, the Managing Director of Bitget acknowledged Bitcoin as the ‘forefather’ of all cryptocurrencies. For this reason, she emphasized the need to give the coin the tribute it deserves. 

“…And that is why we are organizing this event in as lively and engaging a format as possible.”

According to the company, the primary objective of the event is to attract fresh audiences to crypto and, in the process, bolster the practicality and adoption of digital assets as cost-effective and pertinent financial instruments for individuals of all age groups.

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