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Shibarium Transactions Surge But Faces Scalability Test

  • Daily transactions on Shibarium increased from 9,230 on November 11th to 10,880 on November 14th.
  • The average block time also rose from 5.0–5.1 seconds to 7.7 seconds during this period.
  • The rise in daily transactions indicates an increase in the transaction per second (TPS) rate, posing scalability challenges.

Shiba Inu’s layer-2 solution Shibarium has seen a spike in daily transactions, demonstrating growing usage but also raising concerns around scalability.

According to data from Shibarium Scan, the protocol’s total daily transaction count jumped from 9,230 on November 11th to 10,880 on November 14th. However, the average block time rose from the typical 5.0–5.1 seconds to 7.7 seconds.

This shows that as more transactions flow through Shibarium, the transaction per second (TPS) rate climbs. While increased adoption is positive, the scaling hurdle indicates developers need to enhance flexibility to prevent TPS spikes as volume grows.

Shibarium aims to bolster Ethereum’s usability for decentralized finance by offering faster and cheaper transactions. But network congestion during its initial launch highlighted the need to maintain stable TPS as transaction loads increase.

Shibarium has had an impressive run

Despite scalability concerns, Shibarium has logged impressive milestones that underscore its potential. The total lifetime transaction count now exceeds 3.9 million, while the total blocks produced have exceeded 1.62 million.

These are solid figures for a new layer-2 player without core blockchain functionality. It also indicates a brighter future for Shiba Inu’s ecosystem, with many dApps slated for the layer-2.

Lead SHIB developer Shytoshi Kusama has promised major project rollouts and reminded the community of SHIB’s bull run readiness. With developer activity robust, there is renewed optimism around SHIB as Shibarium aims to unlock greater utility.

However, ensuring smooth scaling remains crucial. As a high-profile layer-2 catering to the popular meme coin, it will need to demonstrate stable TPS growth as transaction volumes rise.

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