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SuperteamUK: November Highlights and 2024 Plans Unveiled

Reflecting on Breakpoint 2023, SuperteamUK is still riding the high of a thrilling week filled with killer keynotes, product announcements, and insightful panels. The post-event celebration with UK builders marked a month to remember. Despite being a relatively young national community, SuperteamUK emerged triumphant at Breakpoint, securing five winners from its community and contributing to the UK’s total of seven. The success positions SuperteamUK as the top-performing GEN-3 Superteam, signaling a promising future.

Acknowledging the dedication of over 200 UK builders who participated in Solana‘s Global Hackathon, Hyperdrive, SuperteamUK applauds the collaborative effort that led to the refinement of projects and equipped founders with essential pitching skills.

Winners Who Stood Out at Breakpoint

Celebrating the accomplishments of individual winners at Breakpoint, SuperteamUK highlights Fluxbot as the Grand Champion and others who excelled in categories like Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Infrastructure, Games & Entertainment, Finance & Payments, Mobile Consumer Apps, and DAO & Network State.

Beyond the projects, SuperteamUK brought a sporting spirit to Breakpoint with Cap engaging in an inflatable boxing match against Team Germany. The humorous yet spirited event adds a unique touch to community camaraderie.

Padel Fiesta and MonkeDAO Mixer – Social Highlights

SuperteamUK extends its community engagement beyond the virtual realm with events like “Padel Fiesta,” a collaboration with Padelcash in Amsterdam, and a vibrant mixer hosted by MonkeDAO. These gatherings showcase the tight-knit and lively nature of the Solana community.

In a departure from the virtual world, SuperteamUK hosted its inaugural football social, co-hosted with W3FC. The event marked a successful blend of community bonding and physical activity, setting the stage for more events in the upcoming year.

Strategic Networking and Advocacy in the UK

SuperteamUK actively participates in events focused on policy, regulation, and innovation in the UK crypto space. Engagements with key figures at events like the University of Surrey’s Gameball Rally and major investor gatherings demonstrate a commitment to driving positive change in the UK crypto landscape.

Gearing Up for 2024 – Strategy and Plans Unveiled

Post-Breakpoint, SuperteamUK is strategically planning for a successful 2024. From core team discussions to collaboration with Flight3 for strategy days, the focus is growth, innovation, and continued success. Keep an eye on socials for updates on the Marketing Accelerator day and insights into hiring in the web3 world.

As December approaches, SuperteamUK invites all to join the festive mixer on December 5th at the Royal Exchange in London. It is a perfect occasion to celebrate the community’s achievements and connect over the excitement of the past few months.

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