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Tether CEO Unveils Future Plans and Diversification Strategies

  • Tether is planning to build a geothermal power plant in El Salvador.
  • The CEO stated that Tether is looking forward to becoming an infrastructure provider.

From his role as CTO to that of chief executive officer (CEO) of Tether, Paolo Ardoino made the jump on December 1. At a time when the firm is placing a premium on diversity and development, his hiring was meticulously plotted out.

Ardoino expects that Tether’s primary business will generate $4.5 billion in profit this year. In an interview, he discussed upcoming shifts in the company’s focus and product offerings. Moreover, the CEO stated that Tether is looking forward to becoming an infrastructure provider. 

More Than Just USDT

Ardoino said that it is prudent to invest in renewable energy sources since the infrastructure required to generate power from fossil fuels is very costly and the cost is difficult to forecast. Tether is planning to build geothermal power plants in El Salvador and hydropower plants in Uruguay as per the CEO. He also emphasized that Tether is much more than just USDT.

Crypto innovations “should almost be masked” from the public’s perspective, according to Ardoino, as people are more interested in the results of technology than in its inner workings. The messaging app Keet and its platform Holepunch, of which he is chief strategy officer, especially piqued his interest.

In spite of its decentralized nature, Holepunch is not a blockchain. Ardoino said that BitTorrent was its muse. Users may discover one another and establish real-time chats by connecting via their IP addresses on Keet.

Debuting last year, Keet is free to use. Additionally, it does not generate any income, although Ardoino anticipates a benefit in the future. Moreover, Keet decreases the global need for energy, data centers, connections, and hardware. Additionally, it cannot be censored. Keet is accessible 24/7 by anybody with an internet connection, unlike centralized messaging apps.

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