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US Social Games: Play for Fun or Real Money

Free online games with real money prizes are always a favourite. Exactly why sweepstakes casinos like,, Wow Vegas, and Golden Hearts games, provide a great way of enjoying games by eliminating the need for real money. 

Keep reading if you would like to learn more about top players in the sweepstakes casino scene and what you can anticipate from them. On top of this, new players at are eligible for a 5% rakeback bonus with the exclusive code, MIKBONUS

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Top Online Casinos with Cash Prizes

Here is a top selection of online casinos where you can enjoy free online games with real money prizes:

  • – offers a massive and exclusive sign-up bonus 
  • – ensures the best gaming experience with high graphics 
  • Wow Vegas – has the best new game titles being released weekly
  • Golden Hearts Games – available all over the US 

A comparison of free online casinos with cash prizes 

Site Best for Bonus offer Games offered Generous promotions and bonuses $25 No Deposit + 250,000 Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback with the code MIKBONUS Table games like Blackjack and Roulette, Slots such as Sugar Rush and Sweet Bonanza, scratchcards and live dealer games
Sweepstatic Smooth-running app and website 27,777 Lucky coins a few days after signing-up Over 1000 slots like Lady Luck and Rags to Witches and table games
Wow Vegas Top free online games with real money prizes 5000 Wow coins and 1 sweepstakes coin after signing up Over 300 video slot game and table games
Golden Hearts Games Supporting local charities 5000 Wow coins and 1 sweepstakes coin after signing up 24/7 online bingo, slots such as Monster Moolah, video poker and table games like Blackjack

While there are hundreds of free online casinos with cash prizes, Sweepstatic,, Wow Vegas and Golden Hearts Games remain the most reputable in the industry. So here’s a detailed breakdown of what you can expect from each site.

Win Money Playing at Sweepstakes Casinos

Most social casino games don’t have direct prizes in the form of real money. However, the following section will delve into the currencies available at most online casinos.

A deep dive into the currency at free online casinos with cash prizes

The only point you may use real money at a sweepstakes casino is when you purchase coin packages. Otherwise, to play these online games, you need a collection of Gold coins or Sweepstakes Coins. In most Sweepstakes casinos, Gold coins are provided for free upon completion of a task such as registering or updating your profile. 

Sweepstakes Coins are usually the most sought-after and are only available as awards during promotions or as part of a special bonus. Using Sweepstakes Coins, you can take part in numerous online games with real money prizes or gifts. However, it’s important to note your chosen casino’s terms and conditions as these govern the use of Sweepstakes Coins and their conversion into real prizes. 

How does the Coin System work?

Gold coins are simply fun tokens or credits that you can accumulate and use to play games and tournaments. Once you win a game, most casinos will usually replenish your gold coin stash to help you keep playing. In the real world, Gold coins don’t hold any real value. 

The best free online games, with real money prizes, rely on your use of Sweepstakes Coins to enter tournaments and contests. In this way, Sweepstakes Coins may potentially help you win real money prizes such as gift cards and tangible gifts.

How to never spend money at a casino? 

If you accumulate enough coins, you can play at most sweepstakes casinos and even win some prizes without making a single purchase. Here are ways you can play social casino games for free:

  • Login daily for the login bonus
  • Update your profile information and verify your details 
  • Play certain social casino games and win 
  • Refer a friend 
  • Join the casino loyalty program  

How to get free Sweepstakes coins?

Sweepstakes Coins are not as accessible as Gold coins in most casinos since they hold the key to real prizes. To play free online games that have cash prizes always look out for casinos that have sign-up bonuses that include Sweepstakes Coins. 

Additionally in most cases, when you purchase a package of gold coins a Sweeps coin or two may be added as good measure. Sending postal mail can also help you get a few Sweepstakes Coins. 

Best Sweepstakes & Social Casinos

There are hundreds of free online casinos with real money prizes and each provides a thrilling experience for its players. To help with your selection, this section will provide a mini-review of some of the most highly-rated Sweepstakes and social casinos. 

The best new Sweepstakes Casino:

Ever since its inception in 2017, has remained one of the most popular free online casinos with cash prizes in the US. One of the casino’s most attractive attributes is its exclusive 5% rakeback bonus that is available when you sign up with the code MIKBONUS.

Once you complete the registration process, you are immersed into a thrilling world of over 1000 social casino games including slots like Candy Burst and table games like Baccarat and Roulette. Unfortunately, all free online games that have cash prizes from are unavailable in Idaho, Nevada, New York, and Washington.


  • Secure payment method 
  • Regular Sweepstakes Coins promotions 
  • Wide selection of over 300 games
  • Reputable software developers

Casino with the best bonuses:

To celebrate your induction into the best free online casino with cash prizes, Sweepstatic gives you 10,000 Lucky coins which are their version of Gold coins. Once you fill out our profile details, you’ll receive 17,777 more Lucky coins which is more than enough to explore their offerings. 

Sweepstatic casino has over 1000 social casino games plus slots from world-leading developers like Betsoft. Some of the most popular free online games with cash prizes include Booming Bananas, The Dog House, and Wilds of Fortune. 

That’s not all. Sweepstatic has also invested in its customer support with a comprehensive FAQ section and responsive email support system that is available 24/7.


  • Offers numerous free play games 
  • Reliable customer support 
  • High-quality website with an easy-to-use interface  
  • Multiple promotions and daily bonuses

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Most exciting social casino games: Wow Vegas

Wow Vegas began operations in 2022 and has since accumulated over 300 slots and table games from some of the biggest developers in the gaming industry. Once you create an account, you can expect 5000 coins and an honourable Sweepstake coin as a token from the casino. 

Wow Vegas also allows you to play free online games with cash prizes by providing daily login bonuses and prizes during contests and competitions. The entire Wow Vegas catalog is accessible on the website and is available on tablets, mobile devices, and desktops. 


  • 300 + table games and slots 
  • Interactive and engaging website 
  • Numerous purchase methods available 
  • Games with an RNG (Random Number Generator) for fair play 

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The most charitable casino: Golden Hearts Games 

If you would like to give back to society through social casino games, then Golden Hearts Games is the place for you. Once you create an account, you need to make a purchase which the casino will then match and give you a 100% bonus. 

For instance, if you donate $10, which gets you 5000 playable coins, you will receive an additional 5000 coins as your bonus. So eventually, you will have 10,000 playable coins. Your playable coins open up a world of free online games that come with cash prizes including slots like Rock Dog and Frantic Fish, social casino games like Blackjack, and many more.


  • Reliable customer support
  • New bingo game every 10 minutes throughout the day  
  • Supports numerous local charities 
  • Great selection of slots and table games 

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How to choose a new sweeps casino

With every new free online casino with cash prizes, it is becoming increasingly harder to point out the most rewarding and reliable ones. The section below provides an outline of the qualities to look out for in a casino.

Assess the game selection

Ensure that your chosen casino offers not only a diverse range of games but also a unique selection that caters exclusively to you, the client. Additionally, since the free online games with cash prizes are running on the web, check that the graphics are high quality and from well-known developers.

Look for offers and free sweeps

If you want to avoid spending money on coin packages, always look for casinos that have free online games with cash prizes and promotions such as daily bonuses, free sweeps, achievement boards, or social media giveaways. Additionally, you can join VIP programs or loyalty programs as these often offer special perks and exclusive promotions. 

Determine whether free online games with real money prizes are available

Numerous sweepstakes casinos offer free online games with real money prizes that are redeemable once you win certain tournaments or contests. If cash prizes are available always check the redemption terms and conditions before committing to an online social casino. 

Find out if there is an app 

You can check for an app by visiting the casino’s website or checking the App Store or Play Store. If you find an app, check that it is fast, updated, and secure enough to protect our personal and financial information. 

What to look out for on sweepstakes casino sites

Navigating a sweepstakes casino’s site can be daunting with the plethora of colourful elements and free online games with real money prizes, making it challenging to know where to start. In this section, you’ll discover the most important details you should look for on a sweepstakes casino’s site. 

Ensure security is a priority

Once you have subscribed to a free online casino with cash prizes, check that the casino’s activities are governed and regulated by well-known bodies. This will protect you as a player and ensure the security of your data including passwords, card information and identity. 

Try out the site usability

Usability encompasses aspects such as a site’s loading time, interface, payment processes, and support tools. All these are aspects that affect your gaming experience and satisfaction, hence choosing a casino that has a well-constructed website is paramount.

Look for bonus offers

Check the type of offers that are available and how long they’re valid. In some cases, free online casinos with cash prizes have special rules regulating the use of such awards so it’s essential to utilize them as soon as possible. 

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Try customer support 

A good casino is one that offers support through multiple channels such as email, phone, social media, and bots. Agents should also be available throughout and helpful enough to ensure you resume gaming as quickly as possible. 

Explore the payment methods

Always check whether your preferred payment method is available before you play free online games with real money prizes in your chosen sweepstakes casino. Methods such as cryptocurrency may be supported by our favourite casino but prohibited under certain state laws. 

Read through the terms and conditions

Check that a casino’s terms and conditions regarding free online games with real money prizes are fair, with no hidden clauses or misleading phrases that may affect sound decision-making. Check for information on bonuses, cash prizes if any, and prize redemption.

Experience the zeal of social games at top casinos: Wrap-up 

No matter your choice of sweepstakes casino games, there are numerous social casinos to cater to your needs. From slot games at to bingo at Golden Hearts Games, you can always find top casinos with free-to-play options that lead to real-world prizes. 

With bonuses from, such as the exclusive 5% rakeback bonus with the code MIKBONUS, you can always experience hundreds of games. 

Free online games and sweepstakes casinos with cash prizes FAQs 

Which are the best free social games?

The availability of social games may vary depending on your choice of sweepstakes casino. If you have gold coins that you have acquired for free, you will have access to most games. Most casinos have free slots and games like Poker, Blackjack, Fortnite and Candy Crush Saga, and many more.

Free-to-play games are popular because they don’t require any financial commitment. Additionally, they are also accessible through various platforms including mobile phones, desktops, gaming consoles, and websites.  

Which sweepstakes are legitimate?

Legitimate sweepstakes are those that are governed by US and state laws. For a start, casinos like,, Wow Vegas, and Golden Hearts Games are legitimate. 

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