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Valentine’s Day Tease from Shytoshi Kusama to SHIB Army: “Get

The lead developer of Shiba Inu, known to the community under the alias Shytoshi Kusama, has published an intriguing post to do with the approaching Valentine’s Day in the “Shibarium Tech” Telegram group, sparking enthusiasm within the SHIB army.

Another intriguing message, this time about SHIB-related NFTs, was published by him on the X social media platform.

Kusama’s Valentine’s Day teasing post: “Prepare your wallet”

Shytoshi Kusama reminded the SHIB community about the approaching Valentine’s Day, telling them that love is drifting in the air and telling the SHIB army to prepare their hearts. Aside from this Kusama recommended them to prepare their wallets too.

This could be indicative of some sort of an airdrop coming or simply because celebrating this day of love may require substantial expenses. No details from Kusama or any other member of the SHIB team followed.

However, on Twitter, Shytoshi Kusama also mentioned a new thing coming from the world of SHIB. It seems to be related to the aforementioned message of Kusama. The Twitter post is about Shiboshis – Shibarium-based NFTs. The new product teased by the @shiboshisworld account is described as follows: “She’s on her way. Were you expecting her?”

The short video published in the @shiboshisworld’s tweet features a tweet from Kusama and then it also states that “love is here” in line with Kusama’s intriguing Telegram post.

On February 12, Kusama (major SHIB dev Kaal and many other SHIB army members) tweeted: “Single Shiboshi looking for new love…Is there any other Shiboshis out there looking forward to Valentine’s Day?” Therefore, this seems like a campaign for a new Shiboshis collection to do with the approaching holiday.

“SHI launch approaches”: SHIB team member

Earlier this week, SHIB rep Lucie published a tweet to share that the development of the Shibarium ecosystem is going steadily and new Dapps, DAOs, etc, are being actively created on the layer-2 blockchain. Lucie mentioned the “future treats” – TREAT, Shiboshis – coming.

An important mention was made of the SHI stablecoin. Lucie wrote that its “launch is approaching slowly but surely.” Lucie assured the SHIB army that Shiba Inu holders will benefit now only from the Shibarium ecosystem but also from other projects that are collaborating with it.

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