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Vitalik Buterin Transfers $181,000 Worth of ETH to Coinbase!

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Author: Mustafa Mulla

Mustafa has been writing about Blockchain and crypto since many years. He has previous trading experience and has been working in the Fintech industry since 2017.

Vitalik Buterin has transferred 100 ETH worth $181,000 to Coinbase. Vitalik’s holding address, vitalik.eth, is known to hold a substantial amount of Ethereum. This move has raised eyebrows in the crypto community, as Vitalik had previously stated that he had not sold ETH for personal benefit since 2018. Instead, he had been donating it to charities or non-profit organizations. It is unclear why Vitalik made this transfer, but some analysts have speculated that it could be for personal reasons or to fund another project. It remains to be seen whether Vitalik will continue to sell his holdings or if this is a one-time event.

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