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WEWE Global Community Migrates: What Happened?

In recent years, a popular affiliate marketing platform rode the wave of affiliate sector’s popularity, as well as that of cryptocurrencies. This is WEWE Global. To the surprise of many observers, in September 2023, they announced the closure of their platform due to the acquisition of its users into a new project.

What is WEWE Global?

WEWEGlobal serves as a bridge, connecting the services offered by its partner companies to its global community of thousands of digital entrepreneurs. It stands out as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). That empowers every community member to bring forth their ideas, fostering the continual enhancement of WEWE Global for its user base.

At its core, WEWE Global is a multiservice platform. That fuses the potential of cryptocurrency with the advantages of referral marketing. This unique blend enables WEWE Global to equip its community with diverse avenues to embark on digital entrepreneurship and establish their businesses.

Furthermore, WEWE Global operates as a decentralized autonomous organization, or DAO. Here, the community members are not just users but owners. They hold the reins when it comes to proposing changes and improvements. They wield the authority to submit proposals, cast votes, and mold WEWE Global into a venture that aligns with the collective needs of the entire community.

An Anticipated End?

Well, it’s a mixed bag. Many speculated that the business would close down, but not for this particular reason. It can’t be argued that this isn’t a case of failure but rather a strategic shutdown – a sale. 

Users retain their purchases and their wallets. No one has lost any money, a scenario that would have unfolded in the event of a business failure. Something all too familiar in the affiliate sector.

No Losses for the Customers

One could assert that WEWE Global has achieved a desired and fitting conclusion, orchestrated by the organization itself. It has generated employment opportunities and executed a successful sale. Mirroring what most businesses aim for in this monopolistic world where larger entities often assimilate smaller ones. 

Opinions aside, what remains paramount is the absence of losses for the customers. They will merely need to acclimate to a new interface on the platform. To which they’ve been transitioned and get acquainted with other merged communities.

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