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Will Polygon MATIC Rally On Portal Launch And FIFA NFT Deal

  • Polygon announced the launch of its new Polygon Portal aimed at attracting new developers and users.
  • FIFA announced the launching of its new NFT collection on Polygon.
  • An Alpha Gem researcher took to X and stated that the two upcoming announcements are likely to boost demand on the Polygon ecosystem.

The price of Polygon MATIC is surging amid its new Portal launch and two expected upcoming two announcements. This comes after the token was selected by FIFA for its digital collectible NFTs.

DeFi Degen and Alpha Gem Researcher, AstroBoy, took to X, on Tuesday, and said that following the Solana and AVAX hype, it is now Polygon’s turn. He added, “2 announcements from 2 big narratives: ZK and RWAs. This might cause a spark on the @0xPolygon ecosystem.”

Polygon announced the launch of its new Polygon Portal on Monday, replacing the old proprietary Wallet Suite. 

The new portal will allow users and developers to gain access to many of the solutions associated with the Polygon Chain. Users can also explore comprehensive dashboards for Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, and Ethereum.

The new portal has many benefits including, Unified UX for bridging, Third-Party Bridges, the ability to refuel gas, and access to explore developer tools. MATIC users will also have the option to provide feedback.

With the newly launched portal, MATIC aims to create a new inflow of developers and new dApps which could push demand for MATIC higher.

Polygon aims to offer solutions that facilitate ease of use for both developers and users, a goal that positions it as a potential choice for enterprises and organizations exploring the Web3 ecosystem.

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Meanwhile, the international governing body of soccer, FIFA, announced that it is dropping a limited number of digital collectibles (NFTs) later this week to provide holders the opportunity to secure tickets for the final game of the 2026 World Cup. 

The NFTs, initially minted on Algorand, are set to be transferred to Polygon for the second stage of the upcoming collection.

The statement adds, “Future FIFA digital collectible launches will also utilize Polygon.”

Among the many developments, Polygon now hosts active loyalty programs for Flipkart and Starbucks.

Polygon MATIC is up 4.6% in the past 24 hours and has climbed over 10% in the past week.

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