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XRP Price To Hit $1 in November: Here’s Why

After weeks of accumulation and months of lawsuit patience, XRP is finally rallying. Yes, the sole US-regulated asset is riding the market to rise, and XRP will rule 2024 if the final outcome goes smoothly. Let’s delve into the next milestone in the XRP price. 

XRP on the Verge of Breaking $1 Threshold

Market analyst Crypto Insight has identified a compelling trend in XRP, suggesting the possibility of the cryptocurrency surpassing the elusive $1 price point. This promising projection is underpinned by a golden cross formation observed on the weekly Relative Strength Index (RSI), a pivotal indicator for assessing price momentum. Hence, before getting into the chart let’s just put the expectations real with the analyst’s incoming price target. 

Incoming Target Range: $0.8875 to $1.3617? 

He further adds his target range for XRP, extending from $0.8875 to $1.3617. The last time XRP traded within this range was from April 2021 to March 2022. Although the cryptocurrency attempted to reclaim the $1 threshold during the July rally, it encountered substantial resistance. At present, XRP is maintaining the psychological support level at $0.55 and is trading at $0.55285. Achieving the $1.3617 price target would necessitate a 146% increase from XRP’s current price. But what is making this prediction more realistic?

Golden Cross on Weekly RSI: A Positive Sign

Mostly in all crypto assets, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and RSI-Based MA lines (in purple and yellow) are essential for determining price momentum. A weekly chart crossover of the RSI line above the RSI-Based MA line indicates a bullish momentum shift. XRP’s price rose significantly in July after a similar event. With the RSI at 53.91 and the RSI-Based MA at 51.01, this bullish signal is verified. This means XRP may rise, but cryptocurrency markets are volatile.

Open Interest in XRP Futures: A Bullish Indicator

He also points to XRP futures open interest as a catalyst in its breakout rise. Open interest is the number of crypto futures contracts outstanding. Open interest might spike instantly, as shown by greater highs, the analyst said. Rising open interest indicates that traders and the market are optimistic about assets. Overall, open interest increases liquidity and may spark a price surge.

The analysis implies that XRP may be about to rise to levels not seen since early this year. As the market nears its bottom, all optimism rests on Ripple’s IPO. At press time, XRP traded at $0.5519. It is still far from $1, so it will be interesting to see how it reaches its expected milestones in the coming weeks.

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