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Zeply Integrates Apple and Google Pay To Bolster Crypto-Purchasing Options

Zeply crypto platform, a Europe-based digital currency exchange and crypto wallet platform, has announced the integration of Apple Pay and Google Pay into its ecosystem. The exchange has added payment options to offer users in most EU countries, the EEA, and the UK a more convenient way to buy crypto.

Through Apple and Google Pay, users can now acquire digital currencies like Bitcoin(BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana(SOL), Cardano(ADA), USDT, and USDC, among many others, on the Zeply app. The platform also grants instant and fee-free purchases to investors using the payment feature.  

Moreover, Zeply facilitates the buying, selling, and storing of cryptocurrencies on desktops, allowing users to exchange digital assets seamlessly. It also exclusively supports the storage of cryptocurrencies in the platform’s proprietary custodial wallet. 

Their robust platform facilitates secure and efficient transactions for both crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto exchanges. Zeply has strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Fireblocks.

Andrei Bulgakov, Zeply Crypto CEO, gave his remarks on the integration of the payment options at the Cyprus Sigma Event, stating:

“Zeply is an amazing product, an amazing team of people. We are a regulated crypto exchange based in Estonia, EU-regulated. We service corporate and private individuals and handle the whole crypto infrastructure for our customers, including Fiat on and offerings. Unlike many other crypto companies, I will say we’re more focused on the regulation… technically we can provide any crypto solution. We are currently focusing here on finding companies struggling with crypto, specifically for regulation reasons.”

Download the Zeply app via Google Play for Android or Apple Store for iOS to access these payment options. After installing the app, you can link your Apple Pay or Google Pay accounts to buy cryptocurrencies at no extra cost. 

The crypto exchange recognises users have preferences when it comes to payment methods. Alongside the seamless options of Apple Pay and Google Pay, it provides additional alternatives such as wire transfers, Trustly, and Cards. By offering a range of convenient choices, Zeply facilitates a tailored payment experience for each individual.

Earlier this year, Zeply announced its partnership with Swedish-based Fintech banking company Trustly. Incorporating the Trustly payment option into the crypto platform ensures bank-level security, eliminating the requirement for sharing card details when purchasing crypto. Zeeply believes Trustly’s transparent and secure transactions provide peace of mind, making it an ideal choice for hassle-free cryptocurrency transactions.

About Zeply Crypto

Zeply is an EU-regulated crypto platform offering a secure wallet and exchange, along with a payment gateway for individual and business use.  Zeply operates under the brand name Zeply OÜ, launched in 2020, is registered at Lastekodu tn 25-37, 10113, Tallinn, Estonia, an EU member state. The company holds a valid license (FVT000128) from the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit, ensuring customer rights protection. Zeply prioritises transparency and aims to instil confidence in its users by providing a secure and compliant environment for cryptocurrency transactions. 

The crypto exchange takes great pride in delivering exceptional customer support, with a highly responsive, easily accessible, and available round-the-clock team to provide assistance and guidance in multiple languages. 

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